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From The Desk of Zarelsie Van Der Mere - The Migration Mentor

Dear Frustrated Immigrant Job Seeker,

Have you been struggling to find a job as an immigrant?

I want to talk to you about the 3 biggest struggles that immigrant job seekers have – no matter where you are in the world and where you are going – these are very generic challenges to immigrants everywhere.

Hi, I’m Zarelsie, the Migration Mentor.  I have coached, guided, educated and inspired thousands of immigrants worldwide, I have written and published a number of books and I write and publish articles, training videos and webinars weekly to help immigrants worldwide.

You, as an immigrant, have probably been sending your CV to jobs ads in your destination country for the…what…6 months, a year?  

Maybe more…like Josh that I have spoken to this morning – he has sent his CV to job ads for the last 6 years!

6 Years! – Nothing – has not heard anything!

Or Amy – she has visited her destination country twice – looking for work as an immigrant – with no success.   

Yes, sent her CV, dozens of time, yes flew over there to try and secure an interview – nothing.

Zilch.  Money, time and effort spent for nothing.

No wonder people give up!  

I don’t blame you.  I get your frustration!  

Remember I was there once, I help people who are there all the time.

Is this something that you are facing my friend?  This is the common struggle of immigrant job seekers worldwide.

You all have the same 3 things you struggle with:

Struggle #1: 

You cannot find jobs where you can equally compete with the locals. 
You are always at the back of the queue compared with the locals if you send your CV to job ads in your destination country just using online job boards.

Have you heard the comment “you don’t have local experience?”

I bet you have!

What you should be doing is NOT go for the jobs where you compete with the locals – you need to go for the jobs where employers want immigrants from overseas – in the skills shortages – where they are screaming out for immigrants and will go to great lengths to recruit them.  

That is the place where you will have NO or little competition – where employers will help you with your visa and even pay for your relocation sometimes.  

These are called the sponsored jobs.

BUT, do you know where and how to find them and target them?

You can sit there for hours, days, weeks trolling through job banks and you will find, maybe one!  

Remember, as an immigrant at the other side of the world, you do not know enough already about your destination country to know where to look, what to look out for, which industries are booming, etc, etc, so point is – you are NOT going to do a very good job of finding these sponsored jobs where employers want immigrants.

You see, sometimes these jobs are not even advertised, so chance is you will NEVER find them even if you are good and have a lot of time on your hands to search for it.

So, we know that this is the first struggle, accessing these so called sponsored jobs is almost impossible for the average immigrant job seeker because they have little knowledge and time to find and target these jobs.

Struggle #2:

And you are going to go through all the effort of applying for a job like this, if you can find it in the first place with a general CV – and fail.  Again.

You see, an immigrant faces certain obstacles as a job seeker – obstacles which you as an immigrant my friend, are not even aware of yet.

In my training with immigrants, we focus on overcoming those obstacles and avoiding the mistakes immigrants make in this regard and this video is way inadequate to go into the details of all these obstacles and mistakes, but just know this – it is like a brick wall standing in front of you.  

Things like trust, validity of your information, no experience and exposure in your new country and a myriad of other things is going to get your CV deleted off the databases of recruiters and employers in that country that you are so desperately trying to find a job in.

The software of some recruiter’s job application systems even delete your CV before it even gets to a real person.

That is why you never hear from anyone when you send an application to a job ad online – it gets instantly deleted because these obstacles stand in front of you like an impenetrable brick wall. 
You need a DIFFERENT CV – a strategic immigrant’s CV, without it you are toast. 

And we have, through the years and years working with immigrants, perfected this unique CV.  

It addresses these obstacles and overcomes some of these unique obstacles which immigrants face.  It has been designed and refined with a secret plan.  To bypass all these brick walls.

So, even if you have a great CV, which you have paid hundreds of dollars for to be in the “format” of your new country – is it a strategic immigrant’s CV?

Struggle #3: 

Even if you have a strategic CV - it is only going to give you a very small chance to compete on an equal playing field with other immigrants from across the globe.

What makes you special?

Why should you be chosen as the successful candidate?

What is going to make you stand out?

What else, besides a strategic CV can YOU do that will get you chosen?  

Even more, what can you do to even, when a job is NOT advertised, still have a chance of getting in front of these employers and shoulder tap you for a position, before they go to advertise it to the wider market?

How are you going to get the EDGE over everyone else?

That will just put your job finding on STEROIDS.  

It is guaranteed to get you a job in your destination country.  


If you knew what it was…. but most people does not.

They think it is their qualifications and skills that gets them a job, and it is not – that is only about 20% of what gets you chosen.

The other 80% is about the unique immigrant’s job finding strategies.  

Do you know about them?  

Do you know how to get in front of these employers without even applying for jobs?

Do you know how to build relationships and networks with them from a distance, so they approach YOU, instead of you applying for a job?

Do you know how to get a job offer without even having a visa first, or get a job offer while still offshore?

I bet you don’t – 99% of people do not.

They just apply, and they apply for standard jobs on job boards where they have too much competition and they do it with a general CV and…THEY FAIL!

If you want to be successful at finding a job as an immigrant, then you must overcome all three these struggles, which after this, seems quite impossible, doesn’t it?

No wonder one out of about every 25 immigrants who set out get a job overseas ever make it.  
Yes, 0.4 or less than half a percent.

Even if they can travel to their destination country to search for a job, like the examples I gave you of Amy and Josh before.

If you must do this all from a distance – the percentage is much smaller.

Imagine for a minute getting access to the following......

  • Sponsored Posts Bulletins delivered to your inbox every 30 days!
  • We will give you a free copy of our acclaimed D-I-Y Strategic Immigrant CV Creator online course - you will never have to pay anyone ever again to do a CV for you.
  • Monthly Video Training on the latest job finding tips, strategies & tactics
  • Instant Access to new template releases, updates and improvements
  • Early bird access to any future programmes we release
  • Plus so much more....

It's Time To Jump The Queue & Get The Edge On Your Competition....Even The Locals! 

Remember, I have worked with people like this for 17 years now – I see it every day!

And that is why, through working with people like that every day, I can offer you a ground breaking, revolutionary service that will address all of these 3 struggles that immigrants struggle with, anywhere in the world.

ANNOUNCING:  The Q Jumper Factor Monthly Programme

Here is what you'll receive:

"Sponsored Jobs Bulletin" Delivered To Your Inbox - Every 30 Days!

How would like to sit back and watch exclusive job offers roll into your inbox each and every month?

From employers from all around the world, ready, willing & eager to hire YOU - an immigrant job seekers with your exact skills and expereince.

And best of all....

These same employers will help you with securing work visa's and in some cases contribute towards your relocation costs....!

Yes....it's true and it's happening every day literally right under you nose!

If you join our programme today we will be sending you an updated list (and contact details, URL's etc of where to apply) of highly targeted, sponsored jobs* from employers specifically looking for immigrants - willing to help with work visas and pay towards relocation costs.

These sponsored jobs are from any country of your choice (Australia, New Zealand, Canada, UK, USA....anywhere in the world) - delivered to you  – STRAIGHT TO THE DROP-OFF – right into your inbox every 30 days.

(*Sponsored jobs = jobs where employers are recruiting immigrants from overseas to fill skills shortages.)

But wait, there’s more…

Bonus #1 - Access To World Class Job Finding Training

We will train you free once a month.....YES – FREE!  

Discover the secrets & unknown, yet proven immigrant job finding strategies that only a fraction of percent have access too.....

Here is just a snapshot of the topics we will be covering:

☆ Feeling overwhelmed about where to start your search for a job in your new country?  Discover "The 007 Method" that will set you on the right course.  Master this and you'll do great. Ignore it and you're hosed.

☆ Don't know where to start? Confused about where to immigrate to and what to do?  We will show you what the perfect (but devastatingly simple!) antidote as part of this video training.

☆ Discover the CV secrets that 99% of immigrant job seekers ignore.  Learn these startegies and you will almost guarantee you jump to the FRONT of the job queue – easily beating out the local competition!

☆ Immigrating in the toughest thing you will ever do.  Why having the right attitude & mindset will make or break your immigrations dreams......get this wrong and it is over!

☆ The “secret sauce” behind the best immigrant job finding strategies on LinkedIn:  It is not about what you know (your LinkedIn profile) but WHO you know (who you connect to with that profile).  During this webinar you will discover how to quickly & easily connect with the "movers & shakers" in your industry......even while you are still in your own country.

☆ How to leverage a power of relationships on LinkedIn.....it's like going dating all over again…!

☆ How to easily handle the common objections that you are "over-qualified" or "lack local experience"?

☆ Discover why your LinkedIn profile needs to be SO different to you’re a usual/general LinkedIn profile.  You will also see why your current general LinkedIn profile is KILLING any chance you have of landing job as an immigrant.

☆  How to find a job offer without having a visa

☆  How to use relationship building to find a job as an immigrant

☆  How to cultivate and grow a network overseas

☆  How to do research

☆  How to find a job from with ease while you are still in your "home" country - don't believe what ANYONE tells you to the contrary!

☆ How to overcome the obstacle of not hearing anything when you send your CV to job ads

☆ How to overcome the trust issue that immigrants face during job finding

☆ And so much more....

☆ Stop bullshitting yourself & killing your chances of landing a job in your new country.  It's time for you to get the unfair advantage.  ☞ Buy Q Jumper Factor Monthly today!  Strictly limited to the first 500 people.

You will receive a new traning video - EVERY.....SINGLE....MONTH covering one of the topics above and more.

Thousands of dollars worth of world class training for immigrant job seekers at your fingertips.....ABSOLUTELY FREE!

(NOTE: Our training normally comes at a rate $250 an hour – you receive our very best advice in each video absolutely  free with this service…)

All the training is behind the membership vault which you will get instand access once you complete your purchase.

Bonus #2 - The D-I-Y Strategic CV Creator Course

We will give you a free copy of our accalimed D-I-Y Strategic Immigrant CV Creator online course.

Discover to create your own strategic immigrant’s CV (waaaaay different than a normal, generic CV).

This has been battle tested and used with great success by hundreds of successful immigrant job seekers.

THIS is the CV which we use when we create CVs for clients, at approx. $347 a pop and sell the course for $197 a pop.

You will NEVER have to pay anyone ever again to have a specific CV for immigration purposes written for you.

It can be used anywhere in the world and modified for any job....plus it includes a killer cover letter template too!

Bonus #3 - Free Ebook - 20 Best Job Finding Articles

I written many articles and books on immigration and job finding for immigrants and I wanted to make these resources available to as many people as possible - to help the more than 244 million immigrants worldwide.

Assistance, guidance, mentoring, education and information is what the nine out of ten need – because immigration is not what they do every day – it is very, very hard!

As a migration mentor, I realise that job finding is not an isolated task for an immigrant and guidance with overcoming the other obstacles is also relevant.

Therefore, you will notice that 99% of the articles in this e-book is about job finding as an immigrant>

However, there are a few articles which relate to adapting to a new life and overcoming the emotional and psychological factors of immigration as well.

If anything, these free articles should be your starting point to educate yourself on immigrating, before you take on such a huge task.

Bonus #4 - Free Video Series: The 7 Deadly Mistakes

Do You Know The 7Deadly Job Hunting Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Immigration Dreams...And How To Easily Avoid Them?

During this free series, we expose all 7 mistakes and provide you with a blueprint on how to avoid them and jump to the front of the jon queue....even ahead of the local competition!

This series is absolutely JAM PACKED with my very best information, tips & strategies on how to secure that much needed job in your new country….as quickly as possible.

This is not some “just watch and do nothing"  video series.

It provides you with some ACTIONABLE steps and a blueprint which you can follow RIGHT NOW to massively increase your chances of landing the ideal job as an immigrant job seeker.

Bonus #5 - World Class Customer Support - Here to Help

As an Foundation member, you'll be able to contact our Customer Happiness team via email, chat and phone - 24/7.

These folks know exactly how Q Jumper Factor Monthly™ works and will explain how to solve whatever problem you're having.

If they don't have an answer right away, they'll find one and get you back on the road to success as quickly as possible.

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All of the features and tools listed above...everything you need to succeed as an immigrant job seeker.

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Hundreds of People Use The Q Jumper Factor Monthly™ Programme Everyday To Easily & Quickly Find A Job In Their Destination Country

QJF Monthly™ is the world leading training for new immigrant job seekers for a reason.

Everything we do is designed to increase your chances of securign a job in your new conuntry.  We have coached hundreads of new immigrants (just like you) find a job in their new country, so we know what we're doing.

The information contained in this programme we enable you to JUMP THE QUEUE to finding a job as an immigrant.

Instead of blindly sending dozens of CV’s to job ads online, and hearing nothing….guarantee your success today!

This is an end-to-end service provided to you at an incredibly affordable, easily managed, monthly fee, you can cancel at any time.

Every time we add anything to the Q Jumper Factor Monthly™ membership platform you will get it automatically as part of your QJF Monthly™ Foundation Member account - plus an email notification delivered directly to your inbox each & every month.

Our programme helps put you ahead of your competition because you get to use the latest sponsored job listings as soon as they become available plus the awesome bonus video training.

Are you on board?

This service is a monthly service, you can cancel at any time.  

There are no fixed terms, no contracts - nothing.  

A straight monthly service – straight to your inbox, every single month.

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Our Customers Love Us

"Just shooting my CV all over the place. It doesn't work...."

Just wanted to share something with you ! 

Before I had access to your training I was looking for work..just sending my CV all over the place but with no success. Not even an email..nothing.

Then I found Zarelsie and started watching her traning videos which helped me a lot.

I realised that I was using as Zarélsie calls it...the "Scatter Gun approach". Just shooting my CV all over the place. It doesn't work.

Zarélsie said that its important to have a good LinkedIn profile but it's more important to make contact with potential employers and build a relationship with them. Get involved , ask them questions.

And that’s what I started doing....

I've made contact with an employer..started chatting and built a relationship and it all went well...and tonight I had a breakthrough...got my first Skype interview !!!!!

Thank you Zarélsie!! Thanks for your help and all the advice.

Martin Meyer

" I've made all of those mistakes in my job search...."

I watched the first five videos and found them very helpful. I've made all of those mistakes in my job search.

I got three interviews lined up since watching your videos. My scattered gun approach was not working for me so I took your advice on the CV, LinkedIn and building on my network in a New Country and the combination worked for me.

Thanks again and I will keep updating you until I found my job offer, I know I'm pretty close. 

UPDATE: I received my job offer yesterday, subject to a reference check! Thanks for the support and encouragement.

Kevin Trout 

" I strongly recommend serious job seekers to invest in this program!"

The Q-Jumper Factor Monthly Programme is a comprehensive guide and valuable resource to any aspiring migrant looking to land a job in their new country. 

This is a must-have programme for any aspiring immigrant who wants to outwit their competition and get to the front of the job queue.”

 I strongly recommend serious job seekers to invest in this monthly membership!

 Jan Barnard - Licensed adviser number: 201000222

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You will be redirected to our 100% Secure Online Booking System & Checkout Page

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We know QJF Monthly can help you get a job faster and easier than you ever thought possible. Act now to see it for yourself.

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If for whatever reason QJF Monthly does not satisfy you in any way,  simply cancel your subscription at anytime by responding to one of our emails - no questions asked!  

There are no contracts, no minimum terms and you can cancel at anytime.

However, a cancellation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! We can't be fairer than that....?

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You will be redirected to our 100% Secure Online Booking System & Checkout Page

You will be redirected to our 100% Secure Online Booking System & Checkout Page

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